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    Question Question about Responsive


    I'm relatively new to all this and am picking it up as I go.

    My question is this (for anybody that has time and is willing)

    I have floated an image in a responsive theme and when viewed on a mobile phone, it's still wrapping on or two words on the edge of the picture. How do I go about not wrapping the picture at all and just having the words appear in their entirety below the picture and give up on the wrapping?

    I'm using an responsive html5 css3 yootheme ''Drive''.

    Sorry for the newbie alert.


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    Did you try using the "float" CSS rule that works for you? May have to clear the float depending on your coding layout. Also, if you apply it to the image tag, you need to make the image tag a block level tag ( display: block; )


    float: right;
    float: left;

    Margins/padding may help, too.

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    If you post a link, we could look at the code and perhaps offer suggestions.
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