Just started looking into flash more and playing around with the new bone tool in CS6.

Made a pretty cool looking armature animation of someones left arm moving up and down diagonally in the fashion someone would do when holding chords on a guitar neck etc.

However, here's my problem:

My armature contains an upper arm lower arm and hand, I need the guitar itself to be infront of the upper and lower arm but be behind part of the hand.

But without adding it to the armature with a bone (which sounds odd to me) I cannot see another way of doing it as I can either have it on the same flash layer infront or behind the whole armature, or on a separate layer above or below the armature layer.

Each of which does not achieve the required positioning of hand infront but arm behind the guitar neck.

I could go completely away from armatures and put the hand separate and animate it differently but surely there must be a way to work with armatures to get this to work properly so it all moves like a real arm/hand and has the desired bits infront and behind the guitar etc.