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Thread: Contents important for SEO

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    Question Contents important for SEO

    Contents important for SEO

    Don't make the mistake of stealing the content from other websites, it's not ethical. Copying content that belongs to someone else won't take you anywhere.

    Nobody may notice that your site is using plagiarized content at first, but eventually people will find out. And the biggest downside to it is that the search engines have gone smart and they know the difference between original content and the duplicate one. Your site will get stuck in the duplicate content filter, which will eventually affect your ranking.

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    Search engine spider moves through the content of the page and some engines like Google are supposed to be creating a snippet description. This description for your site can be seen by doing a search and finding the description. Compare the description with the page and find out from where in the page, description has been pulled. In order to go for and result in the best for your website, what you should be aiming for and ensuring is that the content available with on your website is unique....

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    Yes, content are valuable to get great results. So you should always create unique content considering your products & services related to your niche.

    Create content for your audiences, if you value your people, search engines will value you

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    thanks for sharing information

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    More importantly, search engines are looking for content that contains the keywords and phrases Internet users search for. Content that successfully incorporates these keywords, along with other SEO techniques are determined the most relevant for that subject and appear on the first page of search engine results for that valuable keyword.

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    Content is the king as Google always makes sure that there is quality content available on Internet for the users. You should read about LSI where it clearly emphasize the importance of content where site itself can rank high just because of the good quality content.
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