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Thread: Tool to creat mobile apps?

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    The more I am learning I think phonegap is a good idea but its ahead of its time. The concept is good but the support is not there yet and its not fast enough. Plus the limitations on what you can program with html 5 and css 3 compared to java and Objective C... Can not even compare. I feel like its just a small work around getting the job done right. Its not all there yet... I feel like the best way to make apps is to learn each language. java will make u a happy valuable person if you learn it. And objective C in Xcode on a mac is like coding for dummies. literally you can build a whole app by dragging and dropping objects.

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    Android and iOS are two platforms you should consider while making an app
    here are some tools you can find for development

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    Here I am giving you the list of Tools for building your own mobile app

    1. Android
    2. Apple iOS
    3. BlackBerry
    4. Windows

    Mobile App for Your Business

    1. AppMakr
    2. GENWI
    3. Mippin

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    there are some really great multi-platform developer tools in the market today,
    using which you can easily achieve your aim. Here is a list of the tools for cross-formatting mobile applications.
    1. RhoMobile
    2. PhoneGap
    3. Appcelerator
    4. MoSync
    5. WidgetPad
    6. Whoop

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    I agree with you that PhoneGap has its limitations. But like every other tool, besides cons it has pros. And I consider that they are rather valuable. According to our experience in using PhoneGap, its 'weak points' are basically technical specificities, which should be treated as such. We worked out several useful tips on PhoneGap development - to save time and avoid frustration. You can find them here

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