I have a jQuery plugin on my site that I really want to use (Quicksand). I built the site in Dreamweaver, and now I want to animate the elements in Edge Animate, but I noticed as soon as I did anything, the Quicksand plugin stopped working! I troubleshooted for a while and discovered that it was simply the attachment of the edgePreload.js file that kept it from working... how do I fix this?

I have uploaded 2 pages to show what I'm talking about:

http://www.ruesterprod.com/edgeTest_a/ - my quicksand plugin works fine here (Click the 2 grey buttons to see what the Quicksand plugin is doing) I commented out only the part where edgePreload.js is attached...

- This one I left the edgePreload.js script attached and now the 2 grey buttons don't do anything...

Please help!

Thanks all!