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Thread: shooting js error code (loading startscreen)

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    shooting js error code (loading startscreen)

    So I am new here.. and i will try to explain this problem I am having.

    I am making a 2d shooter game with easeljs and my code, character, already knows how to shoot, delete enemy from stage when died etc. But i cant make it work from the start screen, so that it will link to the game and a game over screen. It doesnt load the background at all.

    I get this error:
    Unable to get image data from canvas because the canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data.
    Uncaught An error has occured. This is most likely due to security restrictions on reading canvas pixel data with local or cross-domain images.

    It does load the first background with the image-start-button (png) but when i try to on.mousclick it doesnot work.

    Any help would help thank you..

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    if you have those on.mousclicks in you code i'm afraid the program will never work my friend... once upon a time i called a mechanic and asked him why my car did not work. he answered that to a pity he was unable to fix my car by the phone...
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    I see what u did there I placed after this post a new one with the code.. Hope u can see it

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