How do I get the first image in a record?

For instance:
### the record
10|My Title|This is my text content<br><br>Another paragraph with lotsa words<br><br>Even more text and images may follow.<br><img src="/images/one.jpg"><br><img src="/images/two.jpg"><br><br>etc-etc-etc.

### So I have the content into an array, fine no probem.
@content= split (/\s+/, $bc[2]);
$mytext = join(" ", @content[0..12]); # gets first 12 words of content text (works great)

### how do I get one.jpg, and have it in front of the $mytext?
### and if no images present in record, the just show the text.
### (CSS will handle sizing just for this show of the image, so will need room to do that).
print qq ~$mytext~;
Can find nothing about this anywhere. Want to avoid using a module on this, if possible.

Would it be a good idea to assign an id to the first image when I do the entry? That way I could look for the image with the id and ignore all the rest. Just thinking as I'm typing.