Hello everyone !

I require your suggestions about something I would like to do with a tab menu in the future.

Actually the tab menu is quite simple : http://ekynoxx-studios.dyndns.org/portal.html

Only HTML / CSS <ul> simple menu.

What I would like to do is when we switch tabs, it keeps the state of the page where it was before.

I'll give an example here :

User loads the page from start, he clicks on tab "Tracker", he navigate a little on this page (he goes on "Projects" submenu for example) then he decide to go on "Wiki" tab, and finally he go back to "Tracker" tab, and what I would like is the user find back the "Projects" page where he was just before (no reloading the page from start when click on each tabs). I don't know how to call this, page state or navigation history. And I would like to have that on each tabs. It could be great for the Discussion (chat) tab, keeping all chatting without reloading each time we select the chat tab.

So, thanks a lot for your advices.

Best Regards.