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Thread: can not upload images to wordpress site

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    can not upload images to wordpress site


    On my wordpress site, when i am trying to upload images for my posts or to media library, it gives me the error of:

    "uploads/2013/01 can not be made. can one upper level path be written by the host?" (it says in foreign language but this is the translation i guess)

    someone told me to change the uploads folder permissions (including subdirectories) to 777 and then to 755 (it was 705) .

    But it didnt work

    I had gone through a server migration recently but all files copied correctly because the hosting company told me that and also i dont have any other problems. Plus a very similar site of mine, which uses the same theme doesnt have this problem.

    What should I do? My site is www.robothaber.com
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    It's definitely a permissions issue. You do need to change the permissions on the destination directory to 777, but on some systems you might have to change the permissions on the higher level folders as well. Just be sure to change them back to 755 when you're done.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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