The title of this topic basically describes my whole problem.
I am using a javascript wich can resize my frame to the height of the page that is in it.
It all works fine, except for the fact that if you click a link in the frame while you are a little bit scrolled down, it will bring you to the top of the page again.

To explain everything a little bit more, i created this:
When you click "link 1" or "link 2" or "link 3" at the bottom of the frame (with the red background), the link will load, but the script will take you to the top of the page again.

I think it has to do something with the javascript because when i change (onload="setIframeHeight('content');") to (height="1500") it works fine.

I googled quite a lot but i can't find anything about this problem.

I hope you guys can help me,

Rik M