Hello everybody,

First I'd like to say i'm very glad I found this place, and I excuses for my first post to be a question.
So, referring to some websites I just discovered I want to use some animated principles to display images:

here are my exemples (complex examples compared to what I want to do)

My question:
I have some images I want to display on the same page of a layout (layout is web or flash it doesn't matter)
What I would like to have is: every click you make on an image divide it into two or four images without affecting other images displayed on the page/layout. It's important to say I don't work with a database but manually.

My actual solutions:
Tring to do this on flahs with action script
Or building a web template, putting images into it, and trying to do this with some jQuerry even if I don't know many about it.

What do you think is the best solution, advices are welcome.
Have a nice day