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Thread: calling java script from jsp

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    calling java script from jsp



    I have a jsp page. In this, the body tag has onLoad method. this is all ready existing one and this onload is calling from abc.js .

    if i want to add another onload function in same body tag and we have to call second onload from another javascript file. for this what i have to do?

    please help out me?

    Existing code: <body onload=javascript:"function1();return false;">?

    the above code is already existing code. i want to call another function2() from above body tag. for that what i have to do?

    fuction1() implemented in abc.js
    function2() implemented in def.js

    please help out me?


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    There are errors in the code - the javascript: part should not be there, and you don't have to return anything in the onload attribute. Anyway, you can include several statements in the onload attribute:

    <body onload="function1(); function2();">
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