the images generated by a separate script are not showing up in internet explorer 9 while everything works fine in all other browsers, here is the code:

//lots and lots of script

if (document.getElementById('easy').checked){difficulty="easy";}
else if (document.getElementById('medium').checked){difficulty="medium";}
else if (document.getElementById('hard').checked){difficulty="hard";}

// lots and lots of other script


// end of script... i was told if I put the 'ready' functions at the end that IE9 would render it right.. i guess they were wrong

here's the section of HTML:

<button id="intgen">Intervals</button><br>
<div id="diff" style="width:220px; height:20px; display:none;">
<input type="radio" onclick="intvl()" id="easy"/><label>EASY</label>
<input type="radio" onclick="intvl()" id="medium"/><label>MEDIUM</label>
<input type="radio" onclick="intvl()" id="hard"/><label>HARD</label>

internet explorer needs to burn in |-|3|_|_