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Thread: What is Link Blending?

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    What is Link Blending?

    What is Link Blending in SEO?

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    Your most questions are of low quality, which don't look natural, and it is created for post count purposes.

    Why are you asking this thing, if you are doing the same here..

    As you are a web designer then link building should be ABC for you...
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    Link blending is the process of building links in to the high authority websites such as .edu and .gov websites that is called link blending. It is very helpful to the search engine rankings, web traffic and page rank. This process is also helping to increase the number of visitors.
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    To create backlinks from high authority of website called a link blending such as .edu, .gov domain that help to increase page rank of your website and keywords position in search engine result.

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    Link blending is the process of building links in to the high authority sites like educational and government websites that is called Link building. It is very employed to the serps, web traffic and pr. we can simply say that Link blending is the process of building links to your site as well as other authoritative sites.

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    I never heard about this word before, after read your thread i search this term but i didn't find any satisfactory explanation on Link Blending.

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