I have a directory page that has 2 frames (dir-left.htm and dir-right.htm).
Link: http://mandatorymarketinginc.com/test/directory.htm

On the left I have a map with various locations on it.
On the right I have a listing of stores.

Right now when you mouse over a store name in the right frame, a tooltip displays (same location for each store)
in the left frame. This works just fine.

However, now I have to add a cross-browser script so that when the user mouses over a store name in the right frame, not only will a tool tip display, but a png file needs to cover the appropriate location on the map.

I have all the location graphics done as you will see at the test page above.

However I need to find code for this that is cross-browser - the code I have now, doesn't work consistently for all browsers.

Thanks for any help.