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Thread: Image-based Activity Stream

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    Image-based Activity Stream

    Hey All,

    I'm looking to create an image hosting website with some social function, namely a custom activity stream to display
    the most popular content on the website at the top of an endless scroll. This is the first time I've worked on a
    project of this nature. I've included some of the features that I'd like included in the website below. Is there
    anything I should consider before passing my requirements on to a developer/things I should consider about the
    project in general?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Primary Goal: Create user accounts
    Personal Accounts:
    o Requires a name, valid email, and password for signup.
    o Allows users full site functionality to like, wish-list
    o Allows users to post content in a single image upload form
    o Stores wish listed items in user account panels.
    o Stores all user activity in a database
    Business Accounts:
    o Requires a name, valid email, and password for signup.
    o Allows users limited site functionality, without ability to like, wish list
    o Allows users to post content in a streamlined, multiple image upload form

    Primary Goal: Create forms for users to upload images
    Allow all users to upload images.
    Automatically resize images

    Primary Goal: Create a live activity feed for user images
    Allow all user posted images to appear on a central live content feed.
    Add two social icons (like, wish list) to every image.
    Automatically refresh content each time a new post is made.
    Display content in endless scroll format

    Primary Goal: Create an activity stream of ordered posts based on a set of rules
    Order posts based on the amount of attention a post has received from users on a points system basis. Images with most points appear at the top of the page.
    o Image clicked- adds 1 point to score (opens in a shadow box with option to share via facebook or twitter)
    o Image liked- adds 2 points to score
    o Image wish listed- adds 5 points to score
    Collect information on each image and the attention it receives from users for storage in a database
    Content displays in endless scroll format.

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    You have to consider where and how to store your images. For example I have implemented my own wrappers in zend framework for Amazon S3 storage. It's important because at the beginning you wouldn't like to loose your money and Amazon would help you spending decent money on that.

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