Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to develop an Online Text RPG game, but I have a few questions before I get started. As I'm new to web-based languages, I thought I would ask some experts.

Keep in mind programming a game like this, is just an easy way for me to learn the language, and keep it holding my interest.

I'm going to need database and server functionality eventually, but until I can get with the landlord to forward the right ports, I don't mind working on the client locally, until then.

Eventually, I want to try to make it a Facebook app, through Heroku which really only accepts Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js. I don't know much about Facebook integration, but I want to make sure I use a language that I can later use to integrate with Facebook.

The game wouldn't be online right away, or on Facebook. I'm working up to those things, but want to make sure I start with a language that will be able to communicate with Facebook.

So, before I begin dabbling some more, and I've already dabbled in Ruby, I want to ask before I get too far along. Am I limited to those languages? What language would you suggest?