Hi there,

Below is .menu_tp css sheet:
.menu_tp{background:url(images/wldcs_list_bg.gif) no-repeat;}
 color:white;font-weight:bold;background-position:left 0;}
Below is the content line:
<div class="menu_tp">Dinning Org&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input class="cusrorp" value="Organizer" type="button"></div>
When I try to move "Dinning Org" a little bit up because it's too close to the bottom line by adjusting padding-top from 15px to 10px, it does not move it up, but instead narrows the line height. Please click the attached picture for them shown on screen. How can the content be shown in middle vertically and also the "Organizer" button lines nicely with it? How to change the css sheet to put these two align to left and right side separately instead by space?

Please click on the attachment to see how it's shown on Firefox: 1.jpg