Hello all,

At my workplace we have a kiosk that runs a web page full screen that is interactive with a touch screen. I need to implement a Javascript screensaver but can't work out how to execute the screensaver after the web page is inactive for a period of time.
An example of the effect i'm using can be found here

http://adventuresinsoftware.com/kenburns.html (explanation and js/css code at http://adventuresinsoftware.com/blog/?p=209)

This runs perfectly and looks great but isn't coded as a "screensaver" meant to display while idle, so I need to figure that part out.

Basically I have an html file that runs and plays flash content but would like it to call upon a javascript file upon inactivity and then go back to normal when the user does anything... is this possible/easy enough?

Thanks in advance for any help...pretty new to Javascript and my attempts are not working out! :/