Hi all, im very new to jscript and was wondering if it was possible to embed a jpeg file in to an e-mail.
The email will populated on an Ipad with no internet or network connectivity for 80% of the working day, so they will be Queued up in the sent items until a internet connection becomes available.

below is what ive done so far:
//assigns the text from the input to the emailAdress variable
var emailAdress = ($("#hutz-emailAddress")[0].value);
var subject = "Your Renishaw savings quote.";
var body = ("eThank you for using the calculator.<br/><br/> From your estimates we believe you could have " + additionalHoursAvailable + " additional production hours a year and a productivity improvement of " + productivitiyImprovement + "% simply by fitting my system. <br/><br/> We estimate you would payback the investment in " + paybackPeriod + " months.");
var disclaimer = ("<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>This is only an estimate and is based on the information given.")
//this then opens the locally configured email client and populates the "To:" field with the variable
$("#sendEmailLink")[0].href='mailto:'+emailAdress +"?Subject=" + subject + "&body=" + body + disclaimer;