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Thread: Careers in Mobile application development - Android vs iOS vs Windows vs HTML5

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    Careers in Mobile application development - Android vs iOS vs Windows vs HTML5

    As you all know Mobile app development is being hailed as next big thing . As more and more people use smart phones for day today use,Mobile banking,games etc, mobile apps are must to reach out to customers , sell products etc . Almost all famous websites have smartphone compatible webpage or apps. There is also a huge market for mobile apps and games(free /paid) for Smart phones . As a result ,choosing Mobile app development as a career seems to be a good choice . But choosing a career in mobile app development is bit tricky , coz most platforms providing mobile app development doesn't support developers dream of "write once run everywhere" functionality . Currently android , ios , windows and HTML5 platforms are mainly used to develop mobile apps .Current Smartphone sales is as shown below . This graph will give an insight into the reach and growth path of different mobile OS.

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    iPhone application development isnow gradually turning out to be mandatory especially for those businesses that
    do not want to leave any buyer unattended .
    In fact, according to the recent survey 94 percent of developers are either using HTML5, or plan to start using it this year, leaving only a minuscule six percent who have no plans to develop with HTML5 before 2013 rolls around in just two short months.
    HTML5 which is an updated version of the old hyper-text markup language that makes up much of the web today. It enables developers to build on their existing knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and cascading style sheets to create mobile apps through frameworks such as Adobe’s PhoneGap rather than having to learn Objective-C to write full-native iPhone/iPad apps, or Java to write Android apps.

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