Newbie here with what's probably a very simple question for you folks but I would greatly appreciate any help.

I'm using a javascript to automatically add 5 days to today's date. It works just fine but it displays the date as "Friday, February 01, 2013" when I would like it displayed as just "February 01" (i.e. without the day of the week or the year).

Here's the script I'm using and thanks in advance for any suggestions!

function addDate(dateObject, numDays) {
dateObject.setDate(dateObject.getDate() + numDays);
return dateObject.toLocaleDateString();
var numDays;
var oldDate;
var newDate;
oldDate = new Date();
numDays = 5;
<!-- document.write(""); -->
newDate = addDate(oldDate, numDays)
document.writeln("<small><font color='000000' face='Arial'><b>" + newDate + "</b></font></small>");