Recently I saw a truly amazing website using all the latest technoligies over at fatmedia dot co dot uk

One fantastic thing this site does is make use of css3 to render some fantastic looking nav bar buttons. It uses the dropshadow indent as well. I wanted to know what font was being used as it was all html and text no images. When I used firebug to inspect the styles being applied firebug clearly showed a line going through the font style being applied via the style sheet but failed to show what style it was infact inheriting.

I tried to recreate these buttons but they didn't seem quite right. I even went as far as copying the html and css to just see it reproduced and to learn from it but I failed at doing this.

Finally as a last attempt i viewed the sourced code and saved it locally. Then I put a base url at the top of the page just after the head bracket and put the site url as its base. Then I loaded the local version and everything looked spot on the site worked the same from my c: with one difference. The font wasn't the same! It was slightly different.

I am so intrigued as to what tricky is being used here to prevent the font being used being identified.

Any ideas people?