Write a web page that allows to calculate the grades for 3 courses as well as the GPA for them.

Your page must display 3 divisions laid out vertically near each other sharing the page width of 900 px.
Each division displays form elements to enter the grades of that course. Grades are entered as follows:
o # of Credits
o Exam 1 - 20%
o Exam 2 - 20%
o Project 1 - 15%
o Project 2 - 15%
o Final Exam - 30%
The division also displays two empty span tags (not empty form cells) that will show the average grade of the course and the letter grade of the course once calculated as described below.

The four division are followed (beneath them) by another division that displays the following:
o GPA of the 3 courses
o A button labelled 'Calculate'
o A button labelled 'Clear'
When the CALCULATE button is clicked, a javascript program must calculate the average of each class and its letter grade. The results should be displayed in the empty span tags mentioned above below each course. It then calculates the average GPA of the 3 courses and displays it in a BOLD CLEAR LARGE text below the forms (above the buttons).

When the CLEAR button is clicked, all form elements should become empty.