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Thread: Redirect to certain directory depending on Checkboxes selected

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    Redirect to certain directory depending on Checkboxes selected

    Hello all,
    Hopefully I can get some help on this. I'm trying to set up a form on a home page where there will be 3 check boxes.
    When the checkboxes are selected in any combination, they will each go to a specific page.
    ie: if checkbox 1 is selected, you go to page01.html, if checkbox02, checkbox02.html, if checkbox01 and checkbox02 are selected it will go to checkbox0102.html.

    I'm sure there's a really simple solution to this, but I'm old and I forget.
    As a side note, our server here uses ASP (PHP is disabled )

    Thank you much

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    I'd probably use some JS and use switches for the possible combinations.

    I can't remember how to set it up, it's been a while since I've used them, but you can find it out there with Google's help .

    Something like

    Switch statment

    case checkbox1.checked = true
    //send to page01.html


    cashe checkbox1.checked = true && checkbox2.checked = true
    //send to page0102.html



    Hope this helps!

    Sorry for the semi-psuedo code!


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    Thanks guys, but this is not going to work the way I'd like.

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