Hi Everybody.

As I'm a newbie, I would like to explain a little bit about myself. I am an Enginner in computational mechanics. So I did many many programmings. But unfortunately I never had the opportunity to learn how a webpage is constructed and so on. So the very first question I would like to have is e.g. how can I know which structure does a website have. I hear permanently that that website is a css-based or html-based or xml-based platform. Look at this one for an instance: www.immowelt.de

This is a site providing properties inside Germany. One of the reasons because of which I would like to learn web-developing is by the way the mentioned site. I find the search machine of it is horrible. I realy would like to send a request to the search machine and get the results back e.g. in an Excel-sheet. I could consequently build a price / floor area ratio which is not provided originally.

And this is not the only webpage I came across. Due to my job I come across such websites very often, from which I would like to have a data request. So please be so kind and give me the first hints where I should begin.

Thanks a lot in advance and have a great week