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Thread: [RESOLVED] IE7 CSS width:100% issue (I know, again)

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    resolved [RESOLVED] IE7 CSS width:100% issue (I know, again)

    I'm working on a CSS template for a responsive %-based grid. I had it working with IE7 earlier and did something stupid, I guess, and now it's not working.


    How it currently works:

    Columns are percent based. So a 1/3 width column (.col-1-3) will be width:32% + margin-left:1% + padding:1%. This is based on Chris Coyier's Don't Overthink It Grids.

    In modern browsers, the padding doesn't affect the div width. But in IE7 it does. So I have IE classes (.lt-ie8) that accomodate for the 1% padding. .lt-ie8 .col-1-3 { width: 30%; }. So 30% width + 1% margin-left + 2% padding left/right * 3 - 1% :first-child = 100%. Right? Why doesn't that work in IE7?


    I can use behavior: url(/scripts/boxsizing.htc); but hope to make this workable without.

    Or use JS to calculate the width then subtract 1px. I think that would work, but it's not ideal.

    Or settle with 99% width. Also not ideal.

    I'd love a CSS-only solution. Any thoughts?
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    Whatever you do, you don't want to compromise your design just to accommodate IE7. IE7 usage is generally under 2% worldwide and it's only going to get smaller, so it wouldn't make sense to do anything more than use a conditional comment, perhaps with a <style> to adjust the width.
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    Hey, thanks for taking a look. And I totally agree regarding not letting IE compromise a layout.

    I decided to go a hackish route and just played with column percentages in IE until they worked. I ended up with:

    .lt-ie8 div[class*="col-"] { padding: 1%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-3-4 { width: 72%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-2-3 { width: 63.3%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-1-2 { width: 46.1%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-1-3 { width: 29.1%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-1-4 { width: 20.8%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-1-5 { width: 15.7%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-1-8 { width: 8.3%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-golden-large { width: 57.4%; }
    .lt-ie8 .col-golden-small { width: 35%; }

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