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    Question Not a function?

    Please help,

    I am using this MooTools datepicker: http://www.styledisplay.com/mootoolsdatepicker/ but with the latest MooTools version: MooTools 1.4.5

    I click on my textbox and select a date but the calendar stays on the screen and I cannot see my submit button.

    my FireFox console gave the following error:

    TypeError: dp.container.remove is not a function

    else if (dp.container) dp.container.remove();

    here is the relevant Javascript code:
    /* Remove the calendar from the page */
    	remove: function(dp){
    		dp.active = false;
    		if (window.opera) dp.container.empty();
    		else if (dp.container) dp.container.remove();
    		dp.calendar = false;
    		dp.container = false;

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    is anyone able to help me here?

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