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Thread: Creating a written signature online...

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    Creating a written signature online...

    Has anybody ever taken a look at the technology behind a site like http://www.signnow.com?

    I'm interested in the tech that was used to develop this. It looks like something called FlashCanvas (maybe written like Flash Canvas) was used to develop it along with some JS. I'm not really sure and I need a direction to get started in. I'm fairly good at reverse-engineering and figuring out how these things work, but if someone has had experience developing something like this, I could really use some input.

    Much appreciated!


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    Hey Jared,

    I'm actually the lead web guy over at SignNow and wrote our web app. I'm happy to try and answer any questions you have about the various methods we use.

    Since you mentioned FlashCanvas specifically, FlashCanvas is a Flash-based HTML5 Canvas fallback solution that acts as a relatively transparent shim for browsers who do not support HTML5 Canvas natively (IE8, in our case). For all other browsers, we use the native canvas to for drawing signatures.

    You can find more about FlashCanvas here: http://flashcanvas.net/

    With that in mind, the actual drawing code itself is not provided by any third-party library and was written in-house. I'm happy to help with pointers if you have experience with canvas and JavaScript, otherwise it'll be rather difficult because these are "relatively" advanced techniques.

    Also, I wanted to note that the licenses for any library we use are included in the comments in lib.js. Not all the code in lib.js is open source, including our in-house drawing library which is proprietary as is everything in app.js



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    wow, what are the odds of the coder creating a new account to personally answer a question?
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    Nice sharing

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