I have and idea for a potential website that I've spent a lot of time designing, laying out, and going over. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of where to begin in starting the site. The site would be a social network, so I know there is quite a bit of complexity involved. I want to stay away from the "cookie cutter" social network builders as well and would rather start from scratch. I have begun to practice and attempt to learn Ruby, but to be honest that is my only coding background. Seeing as how:

1. I have no knowledge of coding (and little time to learn)
2. The site is rather complex,

Would it be wiser to potentially find someone who was rather adept at coding as a "partner"? Or would it be the better option to spend potentially a year or more learning to code?

To be honest I really don't know where to start from a coding standpoint and would just like some feedback.