Okay. I am trying to create a form with 7 simple select options and an 8th dual select option. You can see it here: http://rowlandwillia.../seize/test.php

The idea is that a user can choose any of the 8 options and the total price associated with that selection will populate the box at the top left of the page.

The user can also decide to choose a different option than they previously selected. In that case (if they first selected option #2 and changed their mind and chose #5 next), the default value "Please Select" will replace their initial value at option #2.

Everything seems to be working fine, except that the option #8 doesn't work at all. I know that's because #8 has two aspects to it, but it has to have that.

Any help will be welcome help, since I am a true novice and confused as hell.