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Thread: Why warning message does not disappear?

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    Why warning message does not disappear?

    In the script if user input contains space ' ' or does not contain @, then get warning.
    Problem is that if space is deleted, warning does not disappears. What need to change?

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function checkEmail(email){
    if(email.length > 0) {
    if (email.indexOf(' ') >= 0)//The indexOf() method returns the position of the first occurrence of a specified value in a string.
    document.getElementById('myDiv1').innerHTML = 'email addresses cannot have spaces in them';
    else if (email.indexOf('@') == -1)
    document.getElementById('myDiv1').innerHTML = 'a valid email address must have an @ in it';
    else if (email.indexOf('@') == 1)
    document.getElementById('myDiv1').innerHTML = '';
    else if (email.indexOf(' ') == 0)
    document.getElementById('myDiv1').innerHTML = '';
    <form action="#" method=post>
    email:       <INPUT NAME="email" onChange="checkEmail(this.value)"><BR>
    <div id="myDiv1"></div>

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    If you want to check for absence of a character, test that its index == -1, to check for presence of the character, test that its index != -1.
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