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Thread: clearInterval not erasing active setInterval

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    clearInterval not erasing active setInterval

    I have a option/select dropdown menu with an onchange to run the code below to loop through an display an array of images .75" apart :

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function loadImage(){
      var time = document.getElementById('times').value;
      var plot = document.getElementById('plots').value;
      var plots = plot.split("_");
      var imgsrc= plot + time + ".gif";
      var html = "<center><img src=\"" + imgsrc + "\" alt=\"" + imgsrc + "\" /></center>";                                
      if(time != "loop"){
        document.getElementById('image').innerHTML =  html;
       if (time == "loop") {
        document.getElementById('image').innerHTML =  'Loading...';
    	var looper = {
    		il: [plot+"_03.gif",plot+"_06.gif",plot+"_09.gif",plot+"_12.gif",plot+"_15.gif",plot+"_18.gif",plot+"_21.gif",plot+"_24.gif",plot+"_27.gif",plot+"_30.gif",plot+"_33.gif",plot+"_36.gif",plot+"_39.gif",plot+"_42.gif",plot+"_45.gif",plot+"_48.gif"],
    	    curIdx: 0,
    	    change: function()
    			var curimg = looper.il[looper.curIdx];
    	        document.getElementById('image').innerHTML = "<center><img name=il id=il src=\"" + curimg + "\" alt=\"" + curimg + "\" /></center>";    
    	        looper.curIdx = looper.curIdx+1;
    			looper.curIdx = looper.curIdx % 16;
    	var loopsi = setInterval(looper.change, 750);
    I'd really like to kill the setInterval as soon as onChange (or the function above) is activated again. Right now, they just stack, and before long the looping image is looping through several different arrays at once, rather than just the latest. Could someone help? I'm struggling with this.

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    var loopsi = setInterval(looper.change, 750);
    change it to:
    setTimeout(looper.change, 750);
    The way it is now it'll create another interval each time it goes to loop, although you probably weren't able to clear interval because of variable scope, shout if you really want to use interval (not recommended)

    BTW where do you change time to != "loop"? Isn't that neverending loop?
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