Okay. Here goes nothing and thanks in advance for the help. Essentially, it is any easy fix, I just haven't done any php stuff in a while.

All I need is for a form submission and redirect at the same time. Basically, when you press an input btn, form data is submitted to a page in a new tab using a simple target="_blank". However, I want the tab that the user was originally on when they pressed the submission button to redirect to another page that doesn't have any data sent over. Does that make sense?

index.html below

<form action="formDataProcessor.php" method="GET" target="_blank">
<input type="image" src="images/button.png" />
So, the data that is sent is gathered through a couple of radio inputs and goes to formDataProcessor.php in a new tab. However, is there a way to redirect the index page to another html file (hello.html) on the original index.html?

On click of the button, form data is sent to formDataProcessor.php in a new tab via target="_blank" and I need the original page to redirect to hello.html.

Does that make sense?