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Thread: [JQUERY] Select multiple class selectors in mouseenter event

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    Smile [JQUERY] Select multiple class selectors in mouseenter event

    Hi, I have a big problem, I want to select in mouse event handler current attached to it selector, but I need to (i don't know search or equal somehow) get $(this='.text_maptooltip') such like this, because it can animate current selector/element class.
    If I use $(this) it animates only, when I hover over the text, if I use $(map_placename_string) it animates all 3 elements that are created.

    So I need to animate only current(one) selector that contains class .text_maptooltip. Any ideas?
    $(document).ready(function() {
    	var map_placename_string = ".text_maptooltip";
    	var map_placeimg_string = ".img_maptooltip, .text_maptooltip";
    	var fd_out_color = '#ff8c00';
    		mouseenter: function ()
            // Correct, but obviously need to equal to .text_maptooltip. $(this) needed obviously
    			$(this).stop().animate({ color: '#ffffff' },500);
    		mouseleave: function ()
           // $(map_placename_string) for example this leaves on ALL elements that contains this class
    			$(map_placename_string).animate({ color: fd_out_color },500);
    	}, map_placeimg_string);
    Example problem highlighted in CODE.
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