a- Should I continue to learn Silverlight, or change my mind to HTML5?
b- HTML5 has an equivalent to Silverlight RIA Services? What痴 its name?
c- Can you recommend a book to learn to develop HTML for business projects?

Why I知 asking these questions:

I知 currently maintaining an Intranet website made in ASP.NET (C#), but for new projects I

want to change to a new technology, because:

- I want to have my curriculum updated so I can have more work opportunities.
- I want to use a technology that will not be deprecated in near future.

I am currently reading a very good book that teaches you how to create Silverlight

Business oriented Web sites. For the moment, I致e learned to create very basic user

interfaces that are able to call RIA services via Domain Context classes, and thus, read

and update data on the server. I could say that I have read シ of the book.

But all this time I had voices on my head telling me that I知 maybe on the wrong path, as

on a lots of forums, people says that Silverlight will be dead in the next future, as

Microsoft has declared that they made a shift to html5, and the support for Silverlight

will be for a limited amount of years, and no newer versions will be developed.

So I cannot permit myself to waste my limited time in learning anything that will not be

optimally well-spent.

What do you recommend, please ? Here and there, people ask similar questions, but the

answers they get depend always on the profile the person that answer has. If she/he is

閃icrosoft.net used-to, will recommend Microsoft. If not, HTML5.

But for the time being, I don稚 have a concrete and impartial answer. My mind is fully

confused about what to learn in Developing stuff, as never was, as far as I can remember.

Very thanks in advance,