Good day folks,

I currently have a bit of a problem with some code I've been working on. I'm pulling information from an xml file to populate a table, but I would like to change the information I have to a string so that I can manipulate it, however I seem to be banging my head against a wall. The code in question is as follows:

var xx=x[i].getElementsByTagName("start");
var startDate = xx.toString();

var xx=x[i].getElementsByTagName("end");
var endDate = xx.toString();
My reason for doing this is to compare the dates which are currently formatted as '21 Jun' and '23 Jun' as an example. The idea is to split the string into the day and month and run a comparison to see if both days are in the same month, and if so then display them as '21/23 Jun' in a table, or as just '21 Jun' if the start and end date are the same, and '21 Jun/03 Jul' if in seperate months.

The problem lies in that when it tries to do the 'toString()' function I get the error 'Oject doesn't support this property or method'. Can anyone suggest another way of manipulating the xml information to get the end result I'm after please?

Thanks for reading!