Hello all

I am running a regular expression replace on an array (iterating through each index in the array), and pushing matches in to a new array. The code sometimes takes a second to execute, as the array it is running against is about 800 long.

I want to be able to run this code without having the browser lock up. I heard that there is some way to let the code execute without locking up the browser by using callback logic? I heard that this is similar to how Node is programmed.

Please could someone let me know how I would go about this?

My current code looks like this:

$("form[name=filefinder] input[name=s]").keyup( function(){
                    var regexp = new RegExp(this.value, "gi");
                    var list = files.split(/\n/g);
                    var result = [];
                    for(var i in list){
                            result.push(list[i].replace(regexp, "<span class=\"highlight\">"+this.value+"</span>"));
                    s_cache[this.value] = result;