First off, I should explain that I'm self-taught in web developing: I'm ok with HTML and can feel my way around with CSS and Javascript, but that's about it. So if the solution to this is quite simple then that's why I haven't seen it.

My site has a set of menus on the left and should have the stock the site's selling in tabular form on the right. I've just validated the site to solve one problem (the site wasn't picking up information on background colour or corner image from my .css sheet. This is now solved) but two other problems have turned up instead. The most important one is this: the stock, which is presented in a table, has slipped down below the level of the menus. Can anyone tell me how to bring them back up?

Secondary problem: the menus were more spaced out vertically but they've all squashed up together. Can anyone tell me how to space them out again? I realise I could do this with the <br> tag so if that's all I really need to do then no need to take your time giving me more complex info.

Here is the site as it is:

Here is a nonvalidated page that shows how I intend it to be laid out:

Thanks in advance for your time.