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Thread: Function Help - Newbie needs help

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    Function Help - Newbie needs help

    Begginer - Using Classic ASP - Dreamweaver - SQL 2008 - I have a Web page where I create a Session that houses an ID based on the user's input. The ID can either start with a W or not. I pass the Session to an SQL query which brings back data used in a Web form that has some fields on the form auto-populated. I want to be able to have a function that would, based on the Session ID, go to formA if the Session starts with W or goes to formB if it does not start with a W. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry, if I am mistaken, but isnīt ASP short for active server pages?

    That does not seem to be Javascript anymore and it could very well be you are posting in the wrong forum.

    Again, sorry if I am wrong on that matter and sorry for not being helpful at all. ASP I have no knowledge of.

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    Figured it out on my own - but thanks anyway - I used this

    If (LEFT(Session("WITEM"),1) <> "W") Then
    End If

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