Hi there,

I'm using the following code on a website that hides a section of the page when you visit it - the section is revealed by either clicking on an image (of a plus sign) or the text next to it.

The code is as follows...

<script type="text/javascript">
function hideshow(which){
if (!document.getElementById)
if (which.style.display=="block")

...to work with...

<a href="javascript:hideshow(document.getElementById('Hidden1'))"><img src="images/plus.png" width="18" height="18" alt="View Hidden Section 1" /></a>

<a href="javascript:hideshow(document.getElementById('Hidden1'))"> - View Hidden Section 1</a>

<div id="Hidden1" style="display: none;">
Hidden Info

Could someone please tell me how this code can be modified so that when the section expands to reveal the hidden section, the plus sign switches to a minus sign?