Ok guys, I really need your help on this one. It is a project that I have put nearly 2-3 months of time into, and I just want to get it completed and so I hope someone can understand my problem and knows of a solution.

Problem: I had an excel spreadsheet that I created so that approximately 20 users could make changes to it on a daily basis. This excel file included several worksheets. However, I quickly realized that there is likely a better fix for this, an intranet solution of sorts. Regardless, in needs to be a client side solution as it cant be run on the internet, no web server. I need to have an application or IE for that matter access excel and read and write it. I have already created and been able to import an excel file using tablesorter. but there is also a datatables version, all for javascript. These are all free tools to use and can be easily found using google.

Solution: In short, I am looking for a way to load an excel file, that has worksheets in it, into internet explorer and maintain the read/write/ ability. However, I am open to alternative options.