I'm looking to partner with someone who's interested in starting an online business. Basically, I want to get to know you as a person and hear your ideas on what you think could be potentially successful. If I notice that we, as partners, are getting somewhere, we can continue with whatever the next step is. I know I don't have much of a post count or reputation, but don't let that decide whether you should trust me. Just talk to me for a bit and let that decide for you.

I've been, at least trying, to make money online for about five years. I've owned at least 30 domains. I'm not saying each one has made me money, but I can say I've tried starting websites using to many niche ideas. I was about 14 when I was in my prime na´ve age where I would buy a domain, spend a couple of weeks on it, get burned out then quit. After that, I would think the next idea I had could be the moneymaker. Sure enough this cycle happened for many of my websites. When I became 16 I started to realize that I spent hundreds of dollars on, literally, ****. I decided to stop pursuing every idea and to just do research. I'm now 18 and have read a good amount of books and online E-Books on everything from SEO, WordPress Blogging, HTML/CSS, PHP, and some programming (Python, C, and Objective-C). I'm not saying I'm a professional, but I know my fair share of information.

If you're interested in more information about me, personally, and my intentions for future business with yourself, please PM me. I have Skype and I'm willing to get any Instant Messenger that you feel more comfortable with chatting with me on. What I don't want is someone who's going to have a full conversation through private messaging. That's just an inconvenience and will slow down potential progress. If you'd rather E-Mail me my E-Mail is: jordansimps@me.com