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Thread: Document.write function how to escape parametars

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    Unhappy Document.write function how to escape parametars

    Hi guys,
    I have line like this and the onLoad function parameters are reporting error:
    document.write("document.getElementById(\"my_iframe\").innerHTML = '<iframe src=\"http://MyDomain.com/index.php?accessing_from=\'+loc+\'\" style=\"border: none; min-height: 60px;\" onload=\"resizeCrossDomainIframe(\'iframe\', \'http://MyDomain.com\');\"> </iframe>'  ");
    The part that bothers me is
    onload=\"resizeCrossDomainIframe(\'iframe\', \'http://MyDomain.com\');\"
    I get error with this setup but when I remove function parameters and leave it like resizeCrossDomainIframe() everything works OK (in terms of document writing, but function is not working as it's not passing parameters), so my question is why this won't work when parameters are escaped ?

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    Why are you using 'document.write' to write JavaScript code in the first place?
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    OK, this is scenario. I want to host a script on my server and just give end users something like:
    <script src="https://MyDomain/MyScript.js"></script>
    and what that script does is creates iframe, fill it etc...

    Now I find this justifiable reason to do document write, right ? ...so how about a bit help on this.... is this doable at all ?

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