Hey there,

I'm currently self-learning development with the intention of a career change. I'm 28 and it's rather overwhelming the amount of things I feel I need to pick up, but I'm getting there, slowly.

I've spent the majority of my time focusing on Javascript, which I'm enjoying, and will move on to a server-side language later. My goal is to focus on the dev side of things rather than the design as I'm certainly no designer, I'd love to build web apps and mobile apps too, ultimately.

With that said, I do feel it's important I get a good handle on HTML/CSS but my question is really, just how much is necessary?

I've knocked together a basic site with what I've learned so far (HTML/CSS), and wondered if I could get some feedback as to whether that's an adequate working knowledge to continue focusing on the development side?

I've put it up as a kind of temporary test site on my domain, please excuse the design as I'm not a designer at all, and definitely not a UX expert.


Many thanks