I'm making an animation e-card site for my company, and my boss really liked this: http://bartaz.github.com/impress.js/#/ing

See how you can click to different sections, and it pans/zooms around in the canvas? He wants the site to do something like that. But the catch is that it must work on mobile devices, otherwise we can't use it. The e-card site is supposed to have different "phases", each kind of representing a page out of a conventional card, and the transition effects from one "phase" to the next are supposed to be as cool as possible.

Here's one I found that my boss liked to, but he would prefer something where the user gets from one "phase" to the next via clicking, rather than just scrolling. Plus, it acts a little wonky on mobile devices:

He's kind of wanting something really unconventional. Sure, some Slider code like the below would be cool, but he's wanting something more than a traditional slider with cool effects.

Does anyone know of anything that we might be able to use?