I am working on this small project and to the help I received on here I am proud to say I have accomplished a few tasks.
I have a problem though. I want to roll a dice as many times as the user wants. It only works once!


Last night I did some investigating, but did not solve. I found a generator here that repeats - so I looked at the source. On line 117 it shows the function being called after the function itself. I also tried to put the function call inside of the curly bracket knowingly it would crash the browser (and it did!)

I also found an answer somewhere else online that using onclick() in HTML is old-school and to avoid it. I also found someone that using nodetext instead of the innerHTML property. -- This can be an entirely new thread. XML throws me off in terms of js and HTML. I have worked with XMLN in subtites, video, and programs on local machines.

If it is not advised to use innerHTML or onclick, what is the 'valid' way?

I am fairly intermediate to all of this, so if anyone can direct me to the right thread I would appreciate it.

I did find this --> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5...-once-in-html5

I got lost with the answer of putting each button into a new variable.

ugh. I am going through a lot of topics. Take a look at my jsfiddle example; can anybody make it so you can keep on hiting the Roll button and it just repeats like a while loop or something?

Thanks in advance!