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Thread: Responsive vs Dedicated

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    Responsive is Better , A Responsive Web Design helps to design single website for both Mobile as Well Desktop ..

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    No to mention, responsive design is cost effective as you don't have to build separate site designs for different platforms. I would defiantly want a responsive web design.

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    After this thread I spent a lot more time looking into responsive design and have to say I'm kind of converted. It's certainly easier than creating two separate interfaces and it means that the mobile version tends to look much more like your normal site in terms of branding and colours/fonts, etc. (because it really is your normal site with tweaks). I've been working a lot with Foundation over the past couple of months, and it has some really cool stuff in there for handling different screen sizes as well as touch. This kind of removes a lot of the hardwork in creating a responsive interface purely using media queries.

    I guess the only down side is that everything happens client side. This means you have to send bigger pages to everyone (e.g. extra CSS and javascript), although Foundation is quite well optimized and does have tools so you can create your own custom version with just the bits you need in. Most people probably use wireless when available, and unlimited data plans are more common as are decent mobile data speeds. So things are really moving in the direction of responsive I think.

    We've been busy integrating the responsive web interface with our Kartris cart, and have a demo on v25demo.kartris.com.

    Really glad I found this thread, it's nice to be right, but sometimes it's even better when you find out maybe you're wrong and you learn something and have your mind changed!

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    I am really glad for you that this thread and everyone who participated in the conversation helped you in learning something new. I was a non believer too haha.

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