I have a textarea and select box on my popup page. User can input texts in textarea, and if user chooses one option from select-box, the value of select will add to textares. fx, if user inputs 'I am good.', and then he chooses option1: I would like to go to this site. The content of textarea will
be 'I am good.I would like to go to this site'
Now I want to put a hyperlink on 'this site', how could I do this? I tried below code, but does not work.

In popup.php
while ($row = $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']->sql_fetch_assoc($res)) {

$content = '
<p><b>Send them Encouragement</b> (this will be directly emailed to them)</p>
<input type="hidden" class="prayer-id" value="'.$row['uid'].'" />
<textarea class="prayer-textarea"></textarea>
<select class="prayer-select" >
<option value="I am good.I would like to go to<a href=\'http://www.sina.com\'>this site</a>">option1</option>
<option value="b">b</option>
<p class="prayer-button"><input type="button" value="'.$GLOBALS['LANG']->getLL('button_send').'" /></p>

in popup.js
$('.prayer-select').change(function() {