Hello Everyone,

I'm new hear and hope to be a part of this forum in upcoming year. I am not as knowledgeable as most of you I imagine so pardon my silly questions.

I have an ecommerce site that I made myself using opencart.

I'm moving to a new domain.

The 301 wildcard redirect is quite simple for me to do but I have something I need to modify which is giving me issues

When a person goes to my old site www.naturalesrx.com I want them to be redirected to the new site BUT to a landing page explaining to them that my company name has changed.
I managed to do this fine by setting the redirect from my old site to www.newsite.com/landingpage.html


all the other internal links now go from the old site to www.newsite.com/landingpage.htmlPRODUCT-LINK

how can I fix this?
I really need the landing page message from teh homepage but also want the old site's internal links to go to the new sites internal links which are the same.

If I take out the landing page and just do a wildcard 301, it works fine.